Unicor, Inc., has established a manufacturing foundation of precision machining with the skill of its employees coupled with the uniqueness of its equipment. With total integration of these processes, electrodes for electrical discharge machining are turned and ground to produce plastic injection mold matrixes. Special equipment is utilized to produce helical internal and external electrodes made from quality graphite or copper material.

With ram type EDM equipment, plastic injection mold splits or solid inserts are produced for complex configured piece parts. Four axis CNC equipment is available to EDM very intricate designs with very fine to coarse texture finishes to complete molds for attractive molded plastic products. Other applications for these precision electrodes Would' include special form blocks for dies and producing a variety of prototypes.

The production of mold cavities and cores requires many manufacturing processes and, most importantly, precision grinding. We have the unique capability to grind a variety of external forms and internal threads and splines to tolerances within .0005 TIR. To achieve tolerances of this magnitude constant attention is given to the quality level of each manufacturing step by monitoring every dimension through each operation.

Unicor, Inc., has incorporated inclusive manufacturing techniques to ensure optimum quality levels and, therefore, has the ability to perform the majority of production processes in house. This gives the company the advantage and. opportunity to provide its customers with CNC contract machining, production grinding, production gear cutting and specialized tools and gauges.

Standard and special pitch spur and helical gears, threads and splines in a variety of materials, including many plastics and nylons, are available and can be produced to our customer's specifications. In addition, Unicor, Inc., has the capability to analyze, engineer and duplicate special, including metric, gearing systems for prototype or replacement situations. We specialize in short to medium production runs for gearing to the OEM market.


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